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Eli Moon

Eli is the founder and The Cheerleader at Bazaarian. Eli values people and envisions building people matter business internally and externally. Eli has brick-oriented mindset where he puts the right brick in the right place in its proper timing. Simply put, Eli sees the bigger picture. Speaking of mindset, Eli is very optimistic and believes that a person can achieve anything one put his/her mind to. Eli is very creative and loves spending time outdoors. Eli’s favorite food is anything related to noodles.

Linh Nyugen

Linh is The Wizard at Bazaarian. Linh works out his magic and “whala” things happen and works get done. Linh mainly uses his magic on developing software. Linh is an expert when it comes to the startup world. He has a long history working in various startups and has a full understanding of ins and outs of startup culture. Hence, Linh plays a significant role on providing insights among team members. Linh likes fruits and Italian food and enjoys his free time gardening, hiking, and spending time with his daughter.

Spencer Berglund

Spencer is our Byte Wrangler and Embedded Engineering Lead. However, we call him SpaceX, and there is a couple of reasons for that. He has interned at SpaceX, but foremost he often enters this zone we call the “space of exploration”. The exploration includes various fields of science and engineering. This ingenious peculiarity of Spencer makes him unstoppable on finding solutions to any problems in his way. Spencer also enjoys doing engineering projects in his free time. Spencer’s likes all food in general, but his least favorite food is powdered scrambled eggs.

Toni Carlstrom

Toni oversees operations and mechanical engineering at Bazaarian.  If you are familiar with Marvel movies, Toni is a combination of Captain America and Tony Stark. She has a strong sense of moral duty and purpose coupled with mechanical intuition and enjoys bringing ideas to life.  During her free time, she enjoys backpacking, thinking, being artistic, gardening, and snorkeling. Toni is vegetarian and her favorite food is wood-fired pizza. At Bazaarian she is the “Creative Cat” because she is creative, and cats are her favorite.



Advising the founder and CEO on the launch and development of the Company and product line. 

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Founding Investor/Advisor



Oversees manufacturing operations overseas for Bazaarian.

Quality Control



Advising the founder and CEO at Bazaarian

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